Switching Lanes in Lisa King's Dreamy New Exhibition; Riot of Orchids.

Switching Lanes in Lisa King's Dreamy New Exhibition; Riot of Orchids.

From humble beginnings in Graphic Design this eccentric Adelaide-born artist has seamlessly switched lanes to be a self-taught illustrator and mural painter, specialising in imaginative and stylish mixed-media portraitures. When she’s not ocupado with corn-chips and guacamole, this visual artist dares to defy gravity as she infuses fashion illustration, culture and a healthy dose of attitude up against buildings and canvases across the country. But viewers beware; her gravitation towards fashion, faces, and romance, transpires through a culturally rich and pop-influenced style which is as easy on the eye as it is to fall for.

Musical influences have rained down through Lisa King’s adolescence to sit at the grass roots of her natural bloom into the artist she is today. When suspended above side-walks she grooves to the likes of Bowie, her boyfriends band World Wild, Blood Orange & Madonna. And when locked away in her studio the air is filled with cruisy jazz and orchestral pieces that have her drift away as she builds highly rendered digital illustrations and her more intimate oil paintings.

It comes as no surprise that Lisa King’s latest artistic exploration, Riot of Orchids has landed herself centre-stage at NO VACANCY Gallery QV. Born out of the rock-drenched 80’s, this body of figurative works is gentle but striking, with the subjects gazing out of their canvas homes; doe-eyed, but not without an alluring air of mystique. Dare to get lost while scrolling through these works from Riot of Orchids, with a nostalgic spirit that cradles you through the unconventional movement of her brush as it dances and weaves through dreamy pastel backdrops – Groovy baby!



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