10 Cake Makers Who Are Killing It (literally)

10 Cake Makers Who Are Killing It (literally)

Naughty just got a whole lot naughtier as these 10 cake artists transform a little flour, sugar and egg into snakes, typewriters and bleeding hearts. Click through to these drool-inducing Instagram feeds that are smashing the boundaries of conventional cake tins and making up colour-drenched worlds full of both sweet and stomach-churning creations. 

1. @MyCupcakeAddiction by Elise Strachan

This sugar-filled feed will have you drooling for hours. With Elise Strachan's wildly popular Youtube channel My Cupcake Addiction you can watch this artist in action as she teaches you how to make the ultimate fast foods feasts out of nothing but cake.  


2. @Katherine_Sabbath by Katherine Sabbath 

Katherine Sabbath, can transform what appears to be a quintessentially heathy breakfast dishes and soft-dreamy mountains into cream-filled creations that ooze with an unshakable attitude, this Sydney-siders IG feed is one for keeps.


3. @SideserfCakes by Natalie Sideserf

When we think of candy hearts we usually don't imagine a realistic moulding of cake art thats oozing with edible blood, but this feed is about to turn that idea on it's head and even stick a knife through it. The Madame Tussauds of cake, Natalie Sideserf is perhaps the most hyper-realistic paint-sculpter we've come across as she bakes dead-eyed, severed heads, bleeding organs and animals into life-size statues of sugar and spice and nothing that appears nice. 

4. @SprinkleBakes by Heather Baird

Unhealthy doses of sugar are broken up with Heather's beautiful Pugs, Churro and Biscuit who are just as googly eyed over their mum's faultless towers of spongey goodness as we are. 


5. @HungryHappenings by Beth Klosterboer

Beth Klosterboer dives millions of layers deep into air, land and sea as she hides the molton rocks of earth, the tree stems of an apple tree and even brain-goo deep within their creamy cake shells.  


6. @SugarandSaltCookies by Rosie Madaschi

Straight out of Perth, Rosie Madaschi has created the perfect pastel filled Instagram that spells sugar and salt and everything nice. Rich golden shells and candy floss pillows look far too dreamy to eat... unless you have a perfectly-matched golden spoon at hand.


7. @CoutureCakes_by_Nam

Namira has nailed the technique of icing flower petals down to a T. Click through to see the endless ways she spirals all the colours of our Pantone pallet into velvety roses.



8. @PinkCakeBox by Anna Heap

Puppies, cars, toasties and dripping towers of macaroons... It's clear to see that this cake-master, has it all. As she skilfully moulds, paints and glazes cakes into edible statues of precious pooches we definitely think this is worthy of a Michelin Star or three.





9. @TheRealDebbieDoesCakes by Debbie Goard

Gruesome, gruelling and twisted, Debbie Goard can turn some of our most wildly delicious foods, garage tools and wildly unappetising organs into cakes that are oozing with cream cheese, aniseed oils and cherry-flavoured blood. I'm not sure how hungry we are as our stomachs churn but we're wildly obsessed none-the-less. 



10. @CharmCityCakes by Duff Goldman

Featured on the Ace of Cakes, Oprah, Iron Chef and Man Vs Food, Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes, churns out 3 foot high butter-cream cake statues on the daily, that feature cars, vintage typewriters, famous figure heads and even anatomically correct ears.