Spotlight on fashion illustrator, Pippa McManus in Appliqué Rave

Spotlight on fashion illustrator, Pippa McManus in Appliqué Rave

If there's anyone who can create an adoring 2D hybrid between fashion and art it's Pippa McManus (@lepip). Signature dreamscapes of vibrant pastels are layered beneath delicate brushes of charcoal and paint-pens, as this fashion fiend skilfully endows gorgeous women in luscious garments inspired by the latest runway collections from Milan to New York and every designer ensemble between.

As she steps afoot in her lacy dresses and blue velvet Mary Janes, it's clear to see that classic and grandiose fashion is what fertilises the soil at the grassroots of this power painter. Highly regarded as one of Australia’s most prominent fashion illustrators, Pippa McManus can often be found suspended above sidewalks, front-row at all of the latest Spring/Summer shows, and tucked away in quaint little studios whilst collaborating with Australia's most iconic models, designers, publicaltions and labels alike to produce works that are heavily woven within the Australian fashion industry.  

After a rocky finish to 2015, Pippa begun entrenching herself in podcasts that explored feminism, women of influence and of course, the arts. These sources of inspiration shine through in the fashion portraitures of her most recent collection Appliqué Rave, where the girls stare out from their canvas homes with an irrefutable presence that captivates the eyes of all those who cross their path. 

INDIGO MOON. Shop Print here

"If I weren’t a fashion illustrator, I would be tucked away in a quaint little design studio, beading and embroiding the most incredible clothing til my fingers bleed and I went blind."

The sheer skill of her hand shines through as your gaze melts into her adaptation of gorgeously intricate garments which are woven with needle-point precision and extravagant embellishments that replicate the designs of Ellie Sabb, Marchesca and her (and I’m sure all of our) biggest current obsession, Gucci. 

LUNA CHERRY. Shop print here. Pictured with Arrow Heart clutch + Semi-Friends For Now keychain

Appliqué Rave, both literally and figuratively draws from this couture craftsmanship and the mix of both traditional and modern application of sequins, beading and thread to create six pieces that reference all there is to love about high-end fashion. Sweet, commanding and captivating, these works will whisk you away into a Antoinette worthy spin of grand proportion.  

Available in an exclusive and limited number of prints, you better get in quick to lock down some of the most majestic fashion portraitures that will transform any bland work station into an envogue haven.

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