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  • Aspirational Interview with Laura Callaghan

    If you’re into badass femininity blending into sweet splash-backs of pastel pop-art, Laura Callaghan’s illustrations of buxom women with full lips and IDGAF expressions are for you. Poppy chats with the ultra-feminist artist on her creative process and obsession with 90's slasher-films that have leaked though to swell at the heart of her characters rather ominous attitudes.  

    Posted by Poppy Lissiman on

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  • Switching Lanes in Lisa King's Dreamy New Exhibition; Riot of Orchids.

    Viewer's beware; When she’s not ocupado with corn-chips and guacamole, Lisa King dares to defy gravity as she merges fashion illustration, culture and a healthy dose of attitude in her first solo exhibition; Riots of Orchids.

    Posted by Candy Wood on

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