IN VOGUE: Get to know Georgia Tal, Fashion Editor of Vogue Accessory Magazine

IN VOGUE: Get to know Georgia Tal, Fashion Editor of Vogue Accessory Magazine

Georgia Talaiporou or Georgia Tal for short is a Greek born, free-lance stylist and Fashion Editor at Vogue Accessories magazine in Milan. If she looks familiar to you then thats probably because you've seen her on Vogue Runway (formally's wrap up of the best dressed at Fashion Week.

PL: I read that you started off studying Architecture, tell us about how you ended up in fashion instead.

GT: I moved to Milan from Athens when I was 17 years old to study Architecture. Towards the end of my thesis and degree I started being curious about working in fashion so I tried a few different jobs. I did a month in a sales showroom that I didn't like, then had a job at a famous press office that I hated too! But being there I was seeing all the fashion editors coming in and decided that maybe that could be my path... so I started assisting a very good Vogue fashion editor as a second assistant, then first assistant and when a spot in the magazine was free, they offered me the position! That was 3 years ago.

PL: If you weren’t working in fashion would you be an architect?

GT: I think I would be a great architect. Hopefully I won't change my mind for the decision I made switching to fashion!

PL: Of all the incredible fashion shows you have attended, do you have a favourite which has moved you the most?

GT: I loved the Jean Paul Gauliter final pret-a-poter show he did 1 year ago at Le Grande Rex theatre in Paris. He showed archive pieces and new collections, it was like an actual theatre show! Outside was full of his fans screaming for him for deciding to leave fashion! I guess for Parisians it was an actual loss and incredible happening. 

PL: Whats your thoughts on some of the new practises being adopted in the fashion industry; where designers are now showing collections which customers can buy immediately afterwards instead of waiting 6 months. As a stylist and editor does this make your job harder?

GT: Definitely, this whole social media madness has brought the consumer too close to the shows shown for the next season's buy, making them want to buy immediately something that they actually can't! Of course if the system changes, then people will be able to buy immediately, fast fashion brands will not have time to copy the big designers. On the other hand the production risk of the designer will be too high as they will have to have everything already produced without knowing what the buyers would choose... Let's see what will happen with Burberry that starts the new way!

PL: Working at Vogue you get to work on some pretty unique sets with some of the best fashions. Whats the most memorable moment you have had on the job?

GT: Nothing absolutely WOW comes up now but for sure I've had some good moments, like when I went to Tulum to shoot, all the incredible villas in Italy I used as locations, the Hyde Park in NYC and a Lana del Ray shooting

Photo credit: YoungJun Koo

PL: What are the 3 things could you not live without during Fashion Week?

GT: Charger, shoe pads and cellphone!

PL: What is your all time favourite movie you know all the words to?

GT: Pretty Woman!

PL: If you could live in any era which one would it be?

GT: Definitely I would love to be 19 during the hippy 70's and then into my 20's during the 80's! All this for sure in the US!

PL: What is the strangest thing you have in your home?

GT: A carnivorous plant

PL: Do you collect anything? If so, what is it?

GT: Nope! Nothing in particular - let's maybe say that I have many shoes?

PL: Dead or alive; if you could have any musician play at your birthday party who would it be and what song would you get them to play first?

GT: Justin Bieber – sorry! *laughs* JOKING! I would get Radiohead song Supergirl!

PL: Where is your favourite place on earth?

Tulum - Mexico

See below for some of Georgia's styling work; the rest of her portfolio can be viewed here.

Instagram: @georgia_tal


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