You Beaut. Get to Know Jade Taylor from NYLON magazine

You Beaut. Get to Know Jade Taylor from NYLON magazine

Catching up with Jade Taylor, Senior Beauty Editor and Grooming Expert at one of the coolest mags on the planet, the one and only NYLON. 

PL: What came first, working in the beauty industry or working in the magazine industry?

JT: Working in the magazine industry! I moved to NYC when I was 16 years old, so I had a series of oddball internships and assistant roles at magazines for a few years, mostly in the music industry, but it was from there that I realized

a) what the beauty industry actually was and

b) that I wanted to be apart of it somehow.

 PL: What fragrance do you think sums you up?

JT: I've never in my life left my apartment wearing only one fragrance, I always mix. So, I would probably be a combination of Le Labo Gaiac 10, Diptyque Eau de Lierre, and Tom Ford Oud Wood.

 Source: for Nylon magazine February 2015

PL: In your opinion what is the best beauty product that can be bought from the local drug store?

JT: Definitely mascara! And makeup wipes.

PL: I’ve noticed that you’ve had many different hair colours over the years, which one was your favourite? What brand do you normally use and do you DIY?

JT: Both times I had rainbow hair were my favorite! The first time was by my best friend and hair colorist Roxie Darling at Hairstory, and the second time was by Grace Keates at BLEACH when I was in London. I've always used Manic Panic (with the exception of Grace doing my hair at BLEACH using their eponymous line of hair colors), when Roxie and I collaborate on a new hair color for me or if I DIY at home, it's always Manic Panic. Tish and Snooky (MP founders) are two of my favorite people on the planet.

 Source: for Nylon magazine February 2016

PL: I noticed the other day you and Spencer Pratt have been having some good chat via Twitter about crystals (amazing btw.) You guys also get some pretty major people drop by your office at Nylon; has there ever been someone who you were totally star struck by?

JT: I feel like I've interviewed everyone at this point...Paris Hilton, Rose McGowan, Tavi Gevinson, Maddie Ziegler, Kylie Jenner, Kelly Osbourne, Charli XCX, Alia Shawkat, Kim Gordon, Tori Amos, Jennifer's a weird mix and I've been equally star struck by them all.

Source: Jade Taylor instagram: @jadextaylor

PL: You have a lot of rad tattoos; can you tell us how old you were when you got your first and what it was of? And share with us a bit about your most recent tattoo?

JT: I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday and it was a peacock feather on my wrist, super lame. I ended up getting it covered a few years ago. All of my tattoos are American traditional, but I have the words "weirdo" and "whatever" tattooed on me, too. And I have a spiderweb on ear. My most recent one was a few months ago when my best friend Doe was in town, we got matching tattoos on our arms, which we've been talking about getting since we were 15 years old! I used to get tattooed every 2-3 weeks, but I've really cut back because I'm running out of space...and money.

 Source: for Nylon magazine November 2015

PL: Tell me about your cats. What are their names and what do they do?

JT: Fredrick and Meow are their names. Fredrick is an overweight orange tabby cat who just celebrated his 10th birthday (on Valentine's Day) and Meow is a super fluffy black cat who turns 8 years old this year on Halloween. I adopted Meow when he was a few months old, and Fredrick when he was two years old, so I've had them for a while now. Fredrick loves sleeping and eating Doritos, Cheetos, you name it; Meow is more of a watch dog and gets really protective of our apartment but he's the sweetest cat in the world. They both have really funny personalities (especially Fredrick) and they are my children.

 PL: If you were reincarnated as a cat, what breed would you be? 

JT: This would be me:


PL: When you were a kid, what do you remember being most obsessed with?

JT: I was really obsessed with Britney Spears and writing in my password protected electronic diary. I've been writing since I first learned how; my mom has a massive box of books I wrote when I was younger that are pretty fucking funny to reread now. I'm an only child and a Sagittarius, so I'm pretty much the most independent person on the planet and I definitely spent the majority of my childhood alone in my room writing and blasting Britney.


PL: What’s the weirdest thing you have on your desk at Nylon?

JT: I have a lot of shit on my desk at any given point. I have terrariums filled with crystals, a skateboard, and obviously a ton of beauty products...the weirdest thing is probably an action figure of myself that a beauty brand sent to me. I've never Instagramed it or anything before because it's truly terrifying.

PL: What’s the first 3 things you would buy if you won big on the lottery tomorrow?

JT: I would buy a brownstone house in Brooklyn, I would travel around the world for a few months and go thrifting/antique shopping, and I would definitely start my own beauty line.

 Source: for Nylon December-January 2015

PL: What clip never fails to make you burst out laughing?

JT: This video.


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