A Peek Inside Venus Mansion

A Peek Inside Venus Mansion

Getting to know one of my favourite creatives Lee Sol, the hugely talented digital artist behind the modern renaissance Instagram account Venus Mansion.

PL: What is the story behind the name ‘Venus Mansion’?

LS: I focused on producing works without specific titles for my works when I was a student. Then I started to post some of my artworks on Instagram. While doing so, I worked on a project on space with the stories behind Venus and David and this was when 'Venus Mansion' came up. Venus in 'Venus Mansion' may spark a stereotypical image in audience's mind but I formed the name in a different context. Venus, here, directs to a different figure, producing various scenes in the mansion. While 'Venus Mansion' originally started as a project name, it now somehow became my byword.

 PL: Is your art something you pursue full time or do you do other work on the side? 

LS: After graduating from school, I worked at an interior design company but later quit to focused on Venus Mansion.

 PL: Your images are so surreal and beautifully rendered, can you talk us through the process of creating one of your digital pieces? Do you start off with a hand drawn sketch or is the whole piece done entirely on the computer?

LS: Most of the works start from sketches then to computer modelling. The process of creating the works involve producing objects through 3D programs then form the space and color the overall piece. I go through series of trial and error during those processes and have final modifications. I have them printed and revise the colors in order to receive the colors I really wanted.

 PL: Your work is very sculptural, were you ever trained in sculpture as an artist before you moved to digital art?

LS: I have not been professionally trained in sculpture. But, as a student growing up in Korea, preparing for the university entrance exams, I underwent repetitive process of drawing objects and sculptures. I spent about 5 years repeatedly drawing Agrippa, David, Venus and others. Later, I moved on to more experimental drawings based on the objects.

 PL: Your art is a beautifully kitsch balance between modern and renaissance, is there a period in art  prefer more?

LS: I'd say the current period not because I prefer one to another but I get to experience both of them.

 PL: If you could own any piece of art (no matter how much it was) what would you choose and why?

LS: I would like to own Mona Lisa by Da Vinci and put it on an auction to raise money for personal works and a foundation for art.

PL: When you were a kid, what was your favourite thing you used to always draw?

LS: Drawing with crayons of what had happened on each day was my favorite thing to do. The most memorable moments I guess. I would love to see them today.

 PL: What is your favourite museum in the world?

LS: I have not yet been to a museum outside of Korea but I love the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul. I appreciate the artworks from various renowned artists and get inspired while on other times I imagine one day my creative works would be displayed over the museum. It's quite fun to get imaginative in the museum.

 PL: If someone gave you an all expenses paid trip anywhere in world - leaving tomorrow, where would you go and why?

LS: I would choose North Korea, DPRK, since us, the South Koreans, are prohibited from visiting the neighbouring country. I would like to speak to the other Koreans as well as the artists working there.

PL: What’s the strangest thing you have at home?

LS: I guess it would be the military uniform I wore during my service.

PL: What is your all time favourite Korean song?

I love most songs from my favorite band Hyeokoh.


Lee's limited edition signed prints can be purchased via his website here.